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There are two reasons for padding a room. To encourage energetic play and to make it safe. In addition it is an opportunity to bring colour into a Multi sensory environment.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 58 items

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    The Jungle Jumparoo® is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.The metal...


Top sellers in this Category

  • Wall-Mounted Sides
    Wall-Mounted Sides

    Firmly attaches to a wall

  • Vibrating Floor Pad
    Vibrating Floor Pad

    Vinyl covered foam pad. Five 12v motors. The hand-held controller alters...

  • Extra Large Bean Bag
    Extra Large Bean Bag

    Big softy

  • Massage Mat Cover
    Massage Mat Cover

    Use only non-heated Mats.

  • Made to Measure Floor Padding
    Made to Measure Floor Padding

    Made to Measure._x000D_ Softplay is a fun and energetic way of playing...

  • Body Rocker
    Body Rocker

    Padded yellow smile that invites the user to lie down and then allows...