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Nest Swing


Nest Swings are becoming more and more popular in local play parks and now children (and adults!) can enjoy all the fun of the park in their own back garden.

The soft net base and foam surround ensure the swing is comfortable to use, whilst four adjustable ropes and a 100cm diameter ‘nest’ seat means users of all ages can spread out and really enjoy a swinging sensation which isn’t limited to back and forth motion.

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Dimensions 100cm Diameter
Made in the UK Yes
Weight Limit Tested to 200kg.

The Vestibular ‘sense’ is used to describe our sense of balance and posture. It encompasses motion, equilibrium and spatial orientation, and is controlled through a combination of the vestibular system located in the ears, vision and proprioception.

Children with sensory processing disorders due to Autism and other development delays can benefit from sensory integration activities that provide vestibular input. Swinging is an excellent example of this type of activity.

A swinging motion continually moves the fluid inside the vestibular system and, coupled with trying to physically balance the body, effectively forces the brain to consider where the body is in relation to its environment. This not only helps to develop balance and trunk control, it can also help children to interact with their environment. The Nest Swing’s see-through net seat also helps users with sensory integration as they can safely see the ground ‘moving’ below them.

Whilst playgrounds and parks can be great for helping to develop social skills sometimes children with a range of conditions, especially those on the Autistic spectrum, can benefit from outdoor fun without having to think about anyone else.

Easy access to outdoor play equipment can be extremely beneficial in helping all children to ‘blow off steam’, but those with a dysfunctional vestibular system indicated by hyposensitivity to movement can find activities that include motion, such as swinging, extremely beneficial.

Designed to withstand even the most British of weather, the Nest Swing can be kept outside all year round and its construction means users can swing from side to side and round in circles, as well as the more traditional linear movement.

More details about the ‘sensory world of autism’ can be found by visiting the National Autistic Society website.

This downloadable leaflet from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust provides more details about the Vestibular System.

American based website, contains more details about understanding vestibular disorder.

Swing/Suspension Frame sold separately.


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