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Throw & Catch

By throwing something for a friend to catch we learn to judge our position in our space. Likewise the action of catching teaches us to assess distance and speed.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items

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    The Jungle Jumparoo® is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.The metal...


Top sellers in this Category

  • Flashing Orbit Ball
    Flashing Orbit Ball

    This ball flashes for 12 seconds after any bounce.

  • Bean Bags
    Bean Bags

    Set of 12, multi-coloured Bean bags. Ideal for a variety of throwing and...

  • Squidgy Ball
    Squidgy Ball

    Soft ball which needs only a tiny amount of pressure to squeeze it.

  • Spider Ball
    Spider Ball

    Easy to catch, fun to hold. The legs make the ball stop as soon as it...

  • Wacky Weasel Ball
    Wacky Weasel Ball

    The motorised, self-propelled ball spins, rolls and swivels in wild and...

  • Flexi Ring
    Flexi Ring

    Very strong, brightly coloured, heavy duty plastic ring. Lovely to hold...