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Squidgy Toys

In this section we look at the squidgy stuff and the hugely popular chewy range aimed specifically at reducing or positively redirecting mouthing.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items

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    The Jungle Jumparoo® is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.The metal...


Top sellers in this Category

  • Koosh Ball
    Koosh Ball

    Popular Tactile Ball, easy to catch, interesting to hold.

  • Atom Ball
    Atom Ball

    A thoroughly wiggly, jiggly ball with 18 legs and electric colours.

  • Spaghetti Stress Ball
    Spaghetti Stress Ball

    Lovely gooey feeling, like noodles dripping through your fingers....

  • Therapy Tangle
    Therapy Tangle

    Rubbery version of the popular manipulative that gives your hands a mind...

  • Aqua Gel Pack
    Aqua Gel Pack

    This squishy shape can be cooled or heated and at every temperature its...

  • Water Snakes - Family of Six
    Water Snakes - Family of Six

    Try to hold on to them if you can! Latex free