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Fiddle Faces

Collect all three of these silly faces that are fun to fiddle with.
Each fiddle face has a unique set of buttons, switches, gears, rollers, spinners and more, all disguised as features on a fun character face.
Includes a landyard.
Price is for 1.
Styles include: 6FIDD-Blinky(yellow), 6FIDD2-Winky(blue) and 6FIDD3-Stinky(green).

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  • Blinky (yellow)
  • Winky (blue)
  • Stinky (green)

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Dimensions from ear to ear 3" dia.
Warning !!!CHOKING HAZARD (1) not for under 3 years.

Blinky is the smiley pal with a heart of gold whose fuzzy face and toothy grin reflect inner peace.

• dual eye rollers

• push-button teeth

• swivel ears

• silicone fiddle horns

• spin wheel hairdo
• back click gears
• flip-switch nose
• textured vinyl finish

Winky is a flying friend with a calm sense of humor, always there to brighten your mood.

• clickable eye roller

• push-button teeth

• dual-textured swivel wings

• silicone fiddle horns

• silent and click spinner wheels
• rotating bottom spinner
• raised spots
• textured vinyl finish

Stinky is a loyal buddy who loves to spread cheer and will stay by your side to comfort you in times of need.

• triple eye rollers - one clickable

• spinner wheel teeth

• dual textured ear joysticks

• silicone fiddle horns

• flick and click tail

• rotating bottom spinner

• flip-switch nose

• textured vinyl finish