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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items

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  • Original Texture Tangle
    Original Texture Tangle

    The Tangle Original Textured is the perfect Tangle for sensory and...

  • Large Puffer Ball
    Large Puffer Ball

    Super-size, squishy ball filled with air.It is hard to resist squeezing...

  • Tactile Box
    Tactile Box

    Great for texture matching.Crafty slanted wooden box displays all ten...

  • Tabletop Texture Board
    Tabletop Texture Board

    Now a textured board at your fingertips!This tabletop board attracts...

  • Sensory Balls and Shapes
    Sensory Balls and Shapes

    Set contains varying ball shapes and sizes to enhance gross motor...

  • Tactile Mitts
    Tactile Mitts

    NEW LOW PRICE!!!!These Tactile Mitts come in a set of 8 each having...


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