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Bouncing Chair


Our Bouncing Chairs are designed for children that like to bounce and is perfect for sensory integration. 
Our comfortable sturdy Bouncing Chair is available in three sizes and designed for children weighing up to 65 lb.
The perpetual motion of the bouncing chair provides vestibular and proprioceptive input for children with a range of sensory processing disorders.
When the child moves, the chair moves and kinetic energy keeps it moving until it gradually slows down and then stops, requiring the child to move again in order to continue bouncing.
Bouncing is a widely used technique to help calm anxious children and can be particularly beneficial for those on the autism spectrum.
The gentle, repetitive motion helps to reduce anxiety through a physical action that requires no thought.

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A significant number of children diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may also have sensory processing disorders. These children may benefit from spending time sitting in a bouncing chair – either just gently bouncing or while undertaking another activity such as reading.The sturdy constructed bouncing chair from TFH is available in three different sizes. The size you’ll need will depend on the weight and height of the child – the following is provided as a guideline only as the head is the heaviest part of the body and has most leverage in the chair. It's a question of weight and also height, (because our heads are heavy, and have most leverage in the chair).
Color varies.
Bouncing Chair Light - Weight limit 30-40 lb. H: 23.5" (seat to top of chair) x W: 19.5" x Depth of seat: 6.25"
Bouncing Chair - Weight limit 40-50 lb. H: 23.5" (seat to top of chair) x W: 19.5" x Depth of seat: 8.25"
Bouncing Chair Large - Weight limit 55-65 lb. H: 32" (seat to top of chair) x W: 20" x Depth of seat: 11"